Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fall, winter and the holiday season

    Fall and the beginnings of winter are finally arriving here in Manitoba. This has been the longest we have had to wait for our first snow fall in both mine and my parents lifetime! The unseasonably warm weather has been amazing but it has lead to quite a shock about the reality of the holiday season being just around the corner. Fall chores  that should be done or abandoned are still on the to do list as a possibility but some days are just for bunkering down and making plans for the winter. I have already started focusing on reading and forming a rough idea of what the new year will look like.

    As for the blog topics threw the winter, I have more than a few posts I had started but never posted, I will be finishing and posting these, especially the one today on vermiculture, which seems like a fantastic winter topic, especially with all the vegetable scraps from holiday dinners being produced. It is a very brief over view and questions are encouraged, hope you enjoy it.

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